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Wax Table & Accessories

woodskislogos.pngOur good friend Peter Breu of Woodski has developed the worlds best wax table and accessories system, and we're proud to have been early adopters and beta-testers for his solutions. Peter is a virtuosic wood furniture maker, and all-around craftsman. He manufactures these tables and accessories himself, and builds inventory to suit demand. His direct-to-consumer pricing makes these very high quality pieces among the most reasonably priced on the market. Between multiple mark-ups and inventory and freight costs, big wax companies simply can't come close to offering this kind of quality at reasonable prices.

These are the tools that we use and recommend. For the spring of 2016 Peter has put these items on sale because he has some extra inventory. This pricing is good while supplies last. All products will ship direct from Woodski. The table will ship at a flat rate of $60, including any accessories that will fit into the travel cover. That includes profiles, clamps, ski rack, and lower shelf.

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