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Start Universal Wide Klister


Product Description


Start Universal Wide is one of the most versatile waxes ever produced, by any company. It's one of the "coldest" true universal klisters, with a phenomenal tolerance for new snow crystals. When it is applied thin, it forms a fairly hard coat that can provide good peformance in tricky new snow conditions. When mixed with soft drywaxes it often enhances speed and reduces icing. And when applied with a normal klister thickness it provides good kicking performance in coarse, transformed crystals. The versatility of Uni Wide seems to have something to do with the high proportion of terva in its composition.

Terva is the Finnish word for tar, but it's more specific than that. In english we often think of petroleum or bituminious (coal) tar when we hear the word, even though we're all familiar with the concept of "pine tar" from the old days of skiing. "Terva" is specifically pine tar, and the Finns appear to be crazy about it - even using it to flavor food or alcohol. Terva is extracted from pine wood through dry-distillation (heating beyond the burning point without oxygen present). The process produces terva, turpentine, and charcoal, and has been used for centuries all over the world, but especially in Scandinavia. Terva is a traditional ingredient in ski wax from the very early days, and it remains a viable additive. Of the various companies that make use of terva, Start seems to have just about the best handle on how and when to use it.

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