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We’ve been fans and consumers of Star wax ever since Len Johnson of Jenex started importing the stuff back in the ’90s. Star is one of two wax companies in the small town of Asiago, Italy. Our connection to the ski industry really started with Len Johnson who has been a tremendous mentor. Len put me in touch with Lars Svensson prior to the 2002 Olympics, where I bought Lars’s grinder to start my grinding operation. Lars was the Star importer for Sweden at the time, so Star has been almost a “house” brand for us from the beginning. We still use a ton of Star paraffin as service wax in the shop because of the outstanding purity and quality of the material, and it’s good working characteristics. Star has been at the forefront of innovation, utilizing advanced nano-ceramic lubricants to create next-generation glidewax performance with their HF nano-ceramic line of race paraffins – it’s not just shop wax!

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