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  • This photo contains more options than you will receive in the kit. But all of these waxes (and a few more) are available as options in the kit.

Star Glide Wax Kit


Product Description


Star Glide Wax Kit

We've put together this kit to cover all the conditions you're likely to see, using the products that win our testing most frequently. We've also included options so that you can adjust the kit to suit your specific conditions. The kit will display with a base price of $567 as we've configured it, but when you add it to your cart, a 15% discount will be applied (which will bring the price to $481.95). The base price may change based on your selections, but the 15% discount will always be applied when you add it to a shopping cart. I would make the displayed price show the discount, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do that, and provide you the flexibility to adjust the options.

If you'd like to have more flexibility, or to build a bigger kit, please contact us directly and we can work with you to set things up according to your demands.

Here's a run-down of what you'll get:

Base Paraffin
We have set up the kit to provide you the option of getting LF6 (cold) or LF4 (warm) base paraffins. These waxes are both excellent neutral base waxes for a wide range of race paraffins, and both are outstanding service wax and training wax with good performance for just skiing around. We use these waxes all the time in training. We have found that the LF4 wins our base testing more often than the LF6 in eastern conditions. However, Pat O'Brien has pointed out that the LF6 is a more frequent winner during many of the western Super Tour events, and he uses a lot of that. We have set the default to LF4, but encourage you to change to LF6 if you live in a particularly cold or dry environment. We have provided 250g quantities of these waxes, which will set you up well for a season of training and base waxing.

Green Conditions Paraffin
Our recommendation for very cold conditions is the LF8 paraffin, which we've used with good success in racing, and which is the default selection for this kit. You also have the option to choose the VF8 (very high fluoro) version, which has been excellent at events like US Nationals in Anchorage this past year, where the environment is very humid and snow is aggressive. We recommend the LF8 for average and dry environments, and the VF8 only for the most aggressive and high moisture environments.

Blue Conditions Paraffin
Our default selection here is HF6, which is an outstanding and very safe selection for a broad range of blue conditions. We have given you the option to select VF6 as an alternative. We would recommend the VF6 option if you are in a high humidity environment, or expect to be racing mostly on manmade snow. In general, we find that the VF4 (which we've included as a red conditions paraffin) can run well below its published temperature range, and often provides a good option in place of the VF6 when you need a little extra fluorination and lubricity in high moisture cold conditions.

Red Conditions Paraffin
There is only one option provided here. VF4 is an outstanding product that handles a broad range of temperatures and snow types extremely well. No options offered here - get the VF4 and enjoy it!
We have not provided warmer paraffins as part of this kit. Even though Star produces both VF2 and VF0 paraffins for wet and dirty conditions respectively, we have had reliably good results using the VF4 well above its advertised range.

Per-Fluoro Options
We have provided a lot of options here, because many people have different approaches to working with fluoros. Our default selections are the spray fluoros, XF6, XF4, and XF2. We have selected those because they offer excellent performance in a broad range, and they're very easy and safe to use. But we have also provided the option to select fluoro powders. So you have some flexibility here. The kit is structure to include your choice of three pure fluoro products. We've also given you the option to choose an additional fluoro product in order to take advantage of the discount pricing that this kit offers. Below is a run-down on the specific qualities of the products you have available here:

XF8 - Liquid fluoro for very cold conditions. We seldom use this product - while it works well in its range, that range of temperatures does not prioritize pure fluoro layers. Often you can do as well with good paraffin selection!

XF6 - Liquid fluoro for mid-range temps and new snow. This is an outstanding product that runs well from temperatures in the teens up to above freezing. It is predominantly a new snow product, but it's worth testing in manmade conditions as well. Easy to apply and quite durable. 

XF4 - Liquid fluoro for mid-range temps and old snow. This is the old-snow equivalent of the XF6 - a broad temperature range and reliable performance in everything from fine-grained manmade to very coarse snow. If this stuff doesn't run well when you expect it to, test the XF6. Sometimes we've been surprised by conditions that look like XF4 conditions, but do better with XF6.

XF2 - Liquid Fluoro for wet conditions. This stuff excels in coarse wet snow. When you head into melt-down mode, give it a shot!

F40 - Fluoro powder very cold. We don't use this much - like the XF8 this product is best in a range where straight paraffin is often a better call.

F30 - Fluoro Powder for mid-range temps and old snow. On transformed and manmade snow this product is reliably excellent. It is quite difficult to apply, and requires iron temperatures in the range of 190C. But it also combines well with XF4 for a slurry application when you need more durability that XF4 alone will provide. We use a lot of F30, in temperatures from quite cold (low teens) to around and above freezing.

F25 - Fluoro Powder for dry new snow. This has been a reliably excellent product in season opening races in West Yellowstone, and other venues where the snow is new and cold. It doesn't have a super broad range - when the moisture really starts to free up in the snow, the F25 will run out of steam. However, it mixes very well with XF6, and the resulting blend will handle a broader range than F25 alone. F25 an XF6 can be mixed as a slurry using a felt roller, or else ironed together.

F20 - Fluoro Powder for wet new snow. This is a go-to product for us in "zero" conditions, where the kick waxing gets very tricky. It's excellent for dealing with high moisture and snow that wicks moisture to the surface, creating a wet glaze.

F15 - Fluoro Powder for coarse and old wet snow. As you might expect, this powder mixes well with XF2 spray. It also works well below freezing in coarse snow, when F30 doesn't have quite the moisture tolerance needed.

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