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We've got a lot of kick wax available on this site, and what we sell isn't even a full representation of what we use on a regular basis. We've organized things in a couple of ways to help you sort through the plethora of available items.

First, check out the basewax/binder category for some background on how we work with these products. Then consider browsing by snow conditions, keeping in mind that some products may be listed in multiple conditions categories.

Kick waxing is a lot like cooking; to get really good at it you need to get to know your ingredients well. A great cook has a good natural sense of what ingredients will work together and complement each other. That cook will usually be able to come up with a great meal out of whatever is available in the fridge. Waxing is similar. It's easy enough to follow a recipe, but the fun starts when you start to play with ingredients and get some experience mixing up your own concoctions. Every skiing day is a testing day - don't be afraid to explore and learn!

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