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Fluoro blocks are generally the same or similar compounds as fluoro powders, compressed into block form. They're very convenient for quick application, and are usually hand-corked. Hand-corked fluorocarbons don't get exposed to the same level of heat as ironed powder applications, and the resulting finish performs quite differently. While durability isn't as good as an ironed application, we've seen a fluoroblock hang in there for 30K when applied on top of a powder. At a World Cup level it is extremely rare to send skis to the start without either a block or liquid application. At a Ski Classics level (marathons of 50K and longer) it is more common to focus just on fluoro powders.

Fluoro blocks are often bought and used as a low-budget entry to the pure-fluoro market because they provide a large number of applications. For added durability fluoroblocks can be roto-corked, or even ironed. When ironing block applications we recommend placing a sheet of fiberlene between the iron and the ski. The fluoro compound will "release" and bond with the base, but it won't flow on the base and provide the same coverage as a good powder application.

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