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Basewax / Binder

We have basewax and binder in one category here, but we think about their respective functions separately. Very often basewax and binder are combined in one product.

Basewax is a layer added to provide bulk-properties to the wax job. We think about it as being "suspension" for the kicking wax. Different basewaxes have different levels of elasticity and penetrability. Selecting the right basewax properties can have a profound effect on the success of a kick wax application, contributing additional kick security, and also optimizing the speed of the wax job.

Binder is simply a layer applied to ensure the durability of the wax job.

Often (usually in new snow, cold conditions) you don't want to modify the characteristics of the kicking wax with a soft or elastic basewax, and so you use a relatively inert hardwax binder (like Vauhti AT Binder). Other times you may need a relatively soft and elastic basewax, but also need additional durability. In those cases you may utilize a thin base of Rode Chola klister or Vauhti K-base klister with a basewax layer on top of it to provide the required cushion. But most often you get a perfect mix of kick enhancement and durability from a single well-designed product, like Vauhti Superbase.

The products listed here are a selection of designated binder and basewaxes, along with some additional products that we often use as basewax layers.

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